EBS (English Bible Study) Starts tomorrow


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Prayer Request:

Dear friends and family,

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Being back in Ecuador has brought me back to basics and being reminded on how the Lord brought me to himself.

If you haven't heard the story the Lord used my desire to learn English to bring me to his feet in 98. On the Summer of 98 I went on a Summer Student Exchange program to the US with the sole desire to become fluent in English. Little did I know that God had planned to make my textbook his very own Word. As I was wrestling with understanding the Bible Lessons and sermons that my host family took me to.. God's word was breaking my stony heart. The best way to summarize what happened that summer is a my prayer in tears in Indio California the night before I came to Ecuador. " Dear Lord I thought I came to learn English, yet I see that I go back with a lot more... I learned truly who You are.. and now I am yours". That summer changed my life forever.

The story is really similar for a group of people from my church that has been praying to start an evangelistic English Class. My church is launching tomorrow a program in which we hope to utilize the strong desire of Ecuadorian people to learn English to expose people to the power of the Bible.

Specific prayer requests.
-The program is being started from the ground up so pray for the planning, administration, teaching.
-Pray for the teachers to find grace in the eyes of the students so that lasting relationships can be started.
-Pray for students to experience something different interacting with the believers of the church.
-Pray for the Lord to give the students endurance. Learning a language is not easy and the devil can use that frustration to pull people from the program.
-Pray for qualified WORKERS!
-Pray for attendance. Not numbers but to have the perfect amount of people for the leaders that we have.
-Pray for me (Juan) as I am in charge of the Children's program. I have to admit that sometimes it looks like a monumental task considering that my church always gets A LOT of kids for any events.
NOTE: If you have or know of someone that has teaching background, and has material or experience on teaching Psalms... Please let us know!

Alright friends... Thank you for your time and there is nothing better than being working to find those lost sheep.

IN Christ

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  1. Thank you so much for the update. You've already started by now and we hope that it is going well. We are encouraged by your updates and we love to hear how the Lord is working BIG TIME in your spiritual life. We had the blessing of seeing you grow even when you only spent 3 days with us 3 years ago. We pray that Christ will continue to be your desire for ministry and look forward to seeing you again in the future.
    Love Lots,

  2. I am praying. This is really exciting.