Prayer Request.

Hello everyone,

Just taking a minute to ask for your prayers.

This past Monday I received a short shocking call from my aunt in which I was informed that my parent's house in the valley was flooding and that my mom was alone at home. My wife and I live in the city, so it took us some time to get out there, but on our way we called some beloved friends that went to check on the situation. When we got there the sight was horrible, as 1 ft of freezing cold mud water sat all over the first floor of the house's wooden floors. The house was built about a foot and half higher than ground level so the outside was worst. I was told by neighbors that the car (an SUV) that was parked outside had water passed the hood of the car. Inside, the sight was horrible. My mom was crying and soaked by the cold water. The walls had a mud water line at around 3.5ft. Everything in the house had some water damage. Telephone, computer, sofas, carpets, furtniture and other things and appliances all were either floating or sunk inside the house. The fridge had tilted and was on the ground, and my mom's decorations that she had taken to decorate the house were spread all over. The cleaning and survey of household items is a tedious and exhausting process. Today, 4 days later we still can't assess the damage.
Thank you for your time and we covet your prayers. Please pray for the Lord's comfort through it all. Pray for God's provision and strength as my family works hard to bring the house back to the place of hospitality and blessing that it has been known for.

In Christ,
Juan Fernando

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  1. Oh my goodness, friends! We will pray for you and your family. May the peace that passes understanding be yours in abundance as your thoughts turn continually to God, the giver of all good things. What a comfort He is! We will be begging for His grace to help in your time of need.