The one with Juan on anti-depressants

Hi Everyone,

I want to start off by saying thank you! After our last update, we were showered with emails that reminded us in a practical way of God's love for us shown by your love and your commitment to be part of our lives! We are both feeling a lot better. Maris was able to fight that cold within a week or two and I finished my meds. and haven't had symptoms in a little over a week. By the way... shingles= not fun.

Speaking of shingles, apparently in Ecuador they prescribe people that are coming out of them with anti-depressants so that you don't have a recurrence. I do not like to take medicines and this has been a challenging and humbling time. If you know me, I LOVE to be busy and cross things of my to-do-list. With these medicines I have become a zombie and it's extremely hard to get up and get on a rhythm not to mention that by early afternoon, I am ready to go to bed. My wife has been such an encouragement and has been so understanding, patient and loving with me, but it has been hard. Everything has taken double the time to do. It takes a lot of work to just engage in conversations, and specially try to keep up with my students with special needs.

On the other hand, the Lord has really taught me a lot of things that I know I believe mentally, but I see I have a hard time living them out. He has been teaching me that His love for me is not dependent in how busy I am nor how many things I do for Him a day, but just on His Grace and Christ's death on the cross.

I just wanted to take a moment to share and be honest with you about what the Lord has been teaching me. For some reason, I see that in the back of my mind I end up feeling guilty if I don't give you "something worth reading" about how God is working in Ecuador. By God's grace we can say that everything that we have done accounts to NOTHING compared to what Christ did and we celebrated a few Sunday's ago. Christ gave it all on the cross so that our identity as a (teacher, missionary, pastor, business man, mom, dad, husband, fill in the blank) is based on His work and not ours.

Tonight I wanted to encourage you to take the time that you would spend reading of what the Lord is doing in Ecuador and spend it being reminded of everything that you have and that which He has already done in your life!

Love you and can't wait to see you this summer,
IN Christ,

P.S. Yes... there is much to update you on. I didn't plan to write this but it's what God put in my heart.
P.S.#2 This took me way to long to write!

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